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Tuo Restaurant and Grill Opens on Ring road, Accra: 12th December 2017

We write to introduce to you, Tuo Restaurant and Grill. Located on the Ring road central precisely within Nissui house, former IPMC building, TUO restaurant is a Ghanaian owned restaurant that blends professional culinary knowledge and unparalleled passion to provide food,drinks and catering services for  hospitality revelers in Accra.

Owned and operated by Ghanaian award winning chef, social entrepreneur, Chef Elijah Addo and UK trained food safety expert Mrs. Mabel Arku Nelson, Tuo restaurant is blend of Ghanaian and foreign ingredients to create delicious traditional cuisines for which we derive our name from “Tuo Zaafi”. The millet meal from Northern Ghana.

Our menu exclusively created by Chef Elijah from specially selected ingredients sourced from known suppliers ranges from mouthwatering starters, grills including  khebabs, wakashi cheese, chicken wings  and special tuo from the known families of   omo tuo,tuo zaafi,fonio,banku and daily specialties. Our bar also serves chilled drinks and cocktails from 11am till late into the night.

Tuo restaurant and grills opens softly from 5th-8th December, 2017 for invited guests and grand opening  on Tuesday, 11th December 2017 at 11am.

At Tuo, we’re passionate about food, and about providing the highest quality of service. Whether it’s a big, business occasion, company lunch, or something more personal – a wedding, a christening, or an intimate dinner at home, we’re big enough to cope while still offering a service that’s tailored to your specific needs.
We believe in using free range and healthy ingredients from local suppliers in menus that embrace seasonal flavours and cater for heartiest appetites throughout the day.

Our services include:

–       African-American infused restaurant and grills

–       Event space and catering for all occasions

–       Staff lunch and delivery

We hope to see you at Tuo Restaurant and Grills. Contact us on  0303975485/0247223821/0270322074 or e-mail: chefelion@gmail.com


Chairman for Parliamentary select committee on Food, agriculture and Member of Parliament for Berekum West, Hon.Kwaku Agyenim-Boateng has lauded the National Food Donors Encouragement Bill, championed by Food for All Africa  program, and has pledged to support the development of the initiative. He inaugurated a steering committee  made up of  stakeholders from Food for All Africa,Food and Drugs Authority,Attorney Generals Department,Food and Beverage Association,Ministry of Food and Agriculture and the Parliamentary select committee on Food and agriculture to work on drafting the bill.

The National Food Donors Encouragement Bill is an initiative that seeks to institutionalize food donation in Ghana,create compliance standards and increase attention on the role of  recovery and redistribution of food as a tool towards addressing the problem of hunger and inefficiencies within our food supply chain; particularly among street children,mentally challenged people and vulnerable communities in  Ghana.

Speaking at the launch of the program in Accra on Thursday 15th June 2017, the minister expressed gratitude and lauded the organization for championing such a “brilliant initiative”.

He added, “You don’t see this often and so I think we must encourage and support them. When you see young people trying to do things for Ghana you must be happy and encouraged, that is why I am going to support them all the way.”

He called on the youth to come up with life changing initiatives that would enhance the development of this country, saying, “we would like to see more of these initiatives from the youth in this country”.

Hon. Agyenim Boateng also pledged to ensure that this bill saw the light of day and stated that he was “personally going to help in two fronts, as chairman of food and agriculture committee, we’re going to be sponsors of this(program). The bill will come to a committee in parliament before it gets to the preliminary stage for open discussions, so we’re going to work with the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA). I would also invite (committee members) of the ‘planting for food and jobs’ program, which is a vision of the president and a flagship program of the ministry to discuss how we can liaise with them and benefit from that program too, the essence of this program (food for all) is to donate food to the needy and food will come from excess in agricultural output so there’s clearly a connection, we have to work together”.

Executive Director of Food for All Africa programme, Mr. Elijah Amoo Addo indicated his organizations willingness to create efficiency and sustainable means of nutrition for the vulnerable in Ghana through community based initiative and reiterated their willingness to work with stakeholder’s in achieving it. He called on businesses and stakeholders within Ghana’s food supply chain to support food donation in the country.

Five Compelling Reasons to be a Food Donor

Donating food benefits the community, your business and employees, and the environment.

  1. Engage With Your Community
    You can help organizations provide safe and healthy foods to people in need. You can also provide food to organizations doing community development work, such as food skills training programs or social development, or that reintroduce cultural traditions to their lives.
  2. Reduce Your Environmental Impact
    Waste reduction can help businesses reach environmental sustainability goals. Your business can:
    • Keep food and packaging out of the landfill.
    • Avoid wasting resources used to produce food products –water, energy, labour, machinery wear and tear, transportation,and other resources invested in the production.
    • Reduce methane gas produced by landfills. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas that contributes significantly to climate change.
  3. Improve Your Corporate Social Responsibility Profile
    Corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives humanize companies and convey positive contributions to society. Consumers reward socially responsible firms with higher sales and long-lasting loyalty. They can become brand advocates to their friends and family.A well-planned food donation program can demonstrate your social responsibility philosophy in an easily understood, tangible way while building relationships in your community.
  4. Attract And Retain Dedicated Staff
    Employees identify personally with a company when they believe it is socially responsible. A commitment to socially responsible behavior can lead to higher levels of employee commitment and dedication to excellence, greater morale, reduced absenteeism, and lower employee turnover.
  5. Maximize Financial Benefits
    A food donation program can play an important role in helping businesses offset costs associated with surplus and un-sellable inventory.
    • Reduce handling costs of disposing healthy edible, but un-sellable, food (by reducing de-packaging, recycling, composting, and garbage disposal expenses).
    • Maximize tax savings by deducting the costs associated with the value of the donation (as a business loss or write off)

Food donation is the process of redirecting unspoiled food from landfill to vulnerable mostly in orphanages, psychiatric hospitals, prisons and communities. Individuals and stakeholders can support their local communities and reduce environmental impact through food donation. Non-perishable and unspoiled perishable food can be donated. Donated food can also include leftovers from events and surplus food inventory. Food banks usually manage food donation and redistribution as  non-profit, charitable organization that distributes food to those who have difficulty purchasing enough food to avoid hunger

Food for All Africa programme has since 13th June,2015 been operating West Africa’s first food bank in Ghana by creating sustainable means of nutrition for the vulnerable in society mostly children through food recovery,redistribution,farming and forum for stakeholder’s within the food supply chain.

To learn more on food donation in Ghana visit: http://foodforallafrica.org/

Future of Ghana (@FutureofGH)


Management of Ghana’s premier family shopping centre, MaxMart on Tuesday,10th January 2017 donated GH¢5,000 to Food for All Ghana Sustainable Farms Fund as initial capital to build a community livestock farm for deprived communities within the Afram Plains South District of the Eastern region of Ghana. The donation was as a result of a month long Waitrose Buy More Feed More Christmas project carried out by Food for All and MaxMart to raise awareness on the economic and environmental impact of food waste and hunger in Ghana.It was to also involve Ghanaians and stakeholders in creating sustainable means of nutrition for beneficiaries under the Food for All Africa programme.Through the month of Christmas, MaxMart donated 3% of Waitrose branded product prices for which it’s customers bought.

Receiving the cheque from manager of the supermarket,Chef Elijah Addo,founder of Food for All Africa programme reiterated the need for community partnership towards addressing hunger and food waste in Africa.

He quoted facts from the 2016 Cost of Hunger in Ghana report published in August by National Development Planning Commission which shows that Ghana loses GH¢ 4.6 billion which is equivalent to 6.4% GDP annually to hunger among children and 24% of all child mortality cases in Ghana are associated with under nutrition.” He indicated that the choice of Afram plains for the community farm project was as a result of the number of children in the community who are out of school due to a lack of regular means of nutrition.He appealed for individuals and corporate bodies to donate to the Food for All Ghana Sustainable Farms Fund to create sustainable means of nutrition for vulnerable communities in Africa.”

General Manager of MaxMart , Mr. Omar Naboulsi indicated MaxMart believes community participation plays a critical role in solving the economic and environmental impact of food waste and hunger in Ghana. It is in that regard that as sole distributors of Waitrose brand in Ghana ,they involved their customers during Christmas to raise funding in support of the good work Food for All in undertaking to ensure a means of nutrition for the vulnerable in Ghana.”MaxMart is a socially responsible business and will keep supporting social intervention programs such as Food for All in Ghana.

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Food for All Ghana programme in partnership with MaxMart Family shopping centre and Kwatson’s West Africa, the sole distributors of Waitrose brand of products in Ghana will from 10th December till 10 January 2017  raise funds to support children out of school due to lack of regular means of nutrition.

The 2016 Maxmart Buy More, Feed More Christmas project, in association with Waitrose is aimed at creating sustainable means of nutrition for vulnerable children and raising awareness on the economic and social impact of child under nutrition in Ghana.

The 2016 cost of hunger in Africa report  by the National Development Planning Commission estimates Ghana loses GH¢ 4.6 billion which is equivalent to 6.4% GDP annually to hunger among children and 24% of all child mortality cases in are associated with under nutrition.

Speaking at a stakeholder’s  forum to launch the  project, Founder of Food for All Africa programme,

Food For All Ghana feeding the needy

Food For All Ghana feeding the needy

Chef Elijah Amoo Addo revealed  3 out of 5 children on the streets of Accra are out of school due to lack of regular means of nutrition at a time when over 45% of food goes to waste along Ghana’s food supply chain. For Ghana to overcome child under nutrition, all stakeholders must be responsible to ensure the right to food and education of children is championed. He praised MaxMart Family Shopping centre for contributing towards creating efficiency and reducing child under nutrition in Ghana.

Marketing manager of MaxMart Family Shopping centre, Mrs. Layal Majdoub explained  that for any Waitrose brand product that MaxMart customers and the general public buy this Christmas, 3% of the  price will be donated to  the Food for All Africa sustainable farms fund which will be used to  provide a  poultry project for  a beneficiary orphanage home by March 2017.

Waitrose are active supporters of the Global “Love Food, Hate waste” campaign and therefore delighted to work with customers and Ghanaians at large to reduce food waste and  hunger in Ghana.


Accra is to host the first Food for All Ghana conference from the 26th-27th May, 2016 at the Ghana International Press Centre. The two days conference on the theme: “SDG 2 and 12! Creating sustainable means of nutrition is a shared responsibility” would focus on issues of food availability, losses, wastage, accessibility, stability, food supply chain and utilization with much emphasis on food recovery  along our food supply chain and community farming. This would highlight the need for integrated approaches from public-private partnerships with the goal of launching cross-sectoral alliance and establishing concrete commitments to reduce food loss and waste throughout our food supply chain.

The first day of the conference will see the Vice President of Ghana, Paa Kwesi Amissah Arthur launching “my right to food” campaign, a program which will educate Ghanaians on the universal rights and responsibility on caring for the vulnerable in society. The campaign is also aimed at raising funds along the supply chain to create sustainable means of nutrition for the vulnerable in Ghana and encourage efficiency within our food supply chain to reduce food wastage and hunger in Ghana.

There will be a public and private stakeholder’s dialogues aimed at finding lasting solutions to inefficiencies within our food supply chain and also create a network for stakeholders. New opportunities within the food supply chain will be explored.

The second day of the conference will have the Chief Executive Officer of Food and Drugs Authority delivering a presentation on the economic and social benefits of food recovery in Ghana and a presentation by UNICEF Ghana on  attaining the United Nations Sustainable Goals 2 and 12.

The conference which is been organized by the Food for All Africa program headed by 2016 Future of Ghana pioneer Elijah Amoo Addo  with participation from both public and private organizations such as the FDA,Standards Authority, SAVE FOOD,UNICEF Ghana,FAO,Food and Beverage Association of Ghana, Ghana Hotels Association, Ministry of Food and Agriculture,CHRAJ,Dept. of social welfare and other stakeholders is strictly by invitation and is giving stakeholders and startups the opportunity to exhibit their products and innovative services centred on the Ghanaian food supply chain. For invitation, visit:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/1st-food-for-all-ghana-conference-launch-of-myright2food-campaign-tickets-23712695310


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Participants of the 2016 cohort of YALI West Africa regional leadership centre over the Easter weekend last week, volunteered on the Food for All Ghana community service program to recover food, feed and create sustainable means of nutrition for over one thousand vulnerable children, mentally challenged, aged and head potters in Accra.

The project begun on Saturday with a “Share your breakfast” feeding program at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital, where forty-five youth drawn from eight West African countries volunteered by cooking breakfast to serve all four hundred and eighty-five inmates of the hospital. The team then planted crops on a 1.5 hectare garden for the Accra psychiatric hospital.

Executive Director of the Food for All Ghana Program and 2016 Future of Ghana Pioneer, Elijah Amoo Addo reiterated their vision to create sustainable means of nutrition for the vulnerable in Africa through food recovery and farming. ” All humans in respective of their race or financial background has a right to food and it is only through a shared collaboration that the vulnerable in Ghana can be fed. Hunger can be reduced in Ghana if stakeholders support the Food for All vision and therefore entreat all stakeholders within the food supply chain to support and participate  in the first Food for All Ghana conference scheduled in May 2016 to create efficient food supply chain” he added.

A participant of the YALI RLC, Ceesay Binta from the Gambia expressed her willingness to volunteer on a food program that seeks to create sustainable means of nutrition for Africans.”Coming to Ghana to serve the vulnerable in community is very overwhelming. Food security in Africa can be attained if we look at the food wastage occurring across our food supply chain and Food for All has really showed my colleagues and I how we could address this in our respective countries. Attaining the UN SDG 2 Goal in Africa requires collective efforts from stakeholders within our food supply chain and Food for All Ghana is a platform that stakeholders must take advantage of to create sustainable means of nutrition.

Participants and the Food for All Ghana team then recovered Gh¢25,000 worth of food products to feed over one thousand children, mentally challenged and head potters  on the streets of Accra  central on Easter Monday.

The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) was launched by President of the United States Barack Obama as a signature effort to invest in the next generation of African leaders. The Founder of Food for All Africa Program is an alumnus of the first cohort of the YALI West Africa RLC.​​

Future of Ghana (@FutureofGH)

Future of Ghana 2016 Pioneer Elijah Amoo Addo shares his YALI Experience AT The Opening ceremony of Cohort 3 of the YALI West Africa RLC

My passion for feeding the vulnerable in society, show of leadership potential and luck got me selected as part of the first cohort of the President Obama Young African Leadership Initiative, West Africa RLC.As an orphan who could only afford to dream of University education, the joy of been selected as a 1st cohort of RLC was so overwhelming however attending the 5 weeks residential training at GIMPA came with the biggest challenge of my life.

My boss gave me the option of letting go of my participation in the program or quit the job. A job I loved so much by then. I was the head chef of Accra’s finest gourmet burger restaurant, a position that every vocational student dreams to attain. Being a “doctor in the kitchen” was the closest have ever come in achieving my child dream of been a medical doctor. Whenever am in my white chef’s jacket and rolling my knives I see myself as a doctor in my theatre and that brought me far.

I was crazy enough to decide attending to the YALI RLC without knowing what life would be for me after the 17 weeks training. My friends told me am getting crazy about this whole Food for All Ghana campaign and it was because a mentally challenged man inspired me to pursue the vision of creating sustainable means of nutrition for the vulnerable.

Knowing what I had to sacrifice before coming to the RLC, I gave in my all. I told advantage of the facilities, teachers, mentors and curriculum that Dr. Victor Osei, Director of the RLC put at our disposal.

At the RLC, I met some of Africa’s next generation of leaders. I also learn’t from their experiences in their respective countries and had the opportunity of meeting some of Africa’s greatest leaders including Leymah Gbowee,Former President Jerry Rawlings,Former President J.A. Kufour and many others.

Being a once in a life time opportunity, I took advantage of my stay at the RLC to involve my colleagues in volunteering on my Food for All Ghana program. We volunteered, fed and inspired 504 inmates of the Psychiatric hospital, a memory that always linger on.

My experience at the RLC shaped me and my enterprise to become West Africa’s first food banker. Today I fully run the Food for All Ghana Program, a food recovery initiative that creates sustainable means of nutrition for the vulnerable through food banking, farming and forum for stakeholders in our food supply chain. I also run a profit making social enterprise called SDG 2 Farms where we buy farm produce of rural farmers at a fair price and sell to stakeholders in urban communities.

Had it not been for President Barack Obama, I wonder how my journey as a social entrepreneur would be like. If am to meet President Obama, I would cook him my best recipe and would let him know how he shaped my destiny without even knowing me. That is the kind of leaders, we need in Africa.”A leader whose actions impact people he has never seen or met before.” Am a proud product of the YALI West Africa RLC and would always impact my society.

Elijah Amoo Addo


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