FOG Judges

Each edition of the Future of Ghana Publication has an esteemed appointed Judging Committee of no less than five (5) Judges. The Future of Ghana project has a constitution outlines the fundamental principles and procedures for the project; including the role and appointments of FOG Judges.

Annually, the selected Judging Committee have the responsibility of selecting Ghana’s Top 30 Under 30 Pioneers. The Judging Committee changes every year and the selection is made via the nominations received and direct referrals made prior to the allotted deadline date for the year in question.


  • A Judge is an individual described as a pioneering leader within their industry
  • Judges will be appointed by self-referral or recommendation (pending Committee vote of approval)
  • Prospective Judge’s will have past accolades and values that are inline with the FOG vision and mission 



  • Individuals can apply online or by requesting an application form via a direct online enquiry
  • The judging panel consist of a gender split of two thirds male and female representation either way
  • At least one member of the Judging panel must be an individual of the previous year’s Top 30 U30 Pioneer cohort
  • At the FOG AGM, potential Judge’s for the forthcoming year’s FOG Publication will have their applications screened. Votes will be taken and the Judging Committee assigned for the forthcoming year’s Project