Future of Ghana 2018 Second Generation Diaspora Research Report

S E C O N D  G E N E R A T I O N  B R I T I S H  G H A N A I A N S  A N D  ‘ H O M E ’:



  • African governments, bilateral, multilateral and supranational organisations have created numerous strategies in an attempt to harness the skills and resources of its diaspora for the growth of their home countries. With estimates approximating the value of remittances to Ghana and sub-Saharan Africa as double that of aid and up to 15% of GDP, it is crucial for us as a community to better understand current remittance practices (both social and financial) as well as beginning to have some foresight about how that might change in the future.


  • Ghana and the wider African continent’s burgeoning youth population are central to our collective future as Africans and how we can harness and support their potential is crucial. We’ve identified that we need more evidence based discussions to understand inflows from Ghanaians abroad but not only that of our parents’ generation but second-generation groups too who already remit to Ghana and likely to continue to do so.


  • Through this research report, we’ve aimed to uncover the what, how and why of second-generation British-Ghanaians’ interaction with Ghana and their present contributions (remittance, skills and time) to its development. The question framing the study was: to what extent do second-generation British-Ghanaians utilise various socio-economic channels to remit? Continue reading to see some of our key findings.






– Desk based literature review

493 survey respondents

25 focus group participants

8 key informant interviews



Some of the findings unearthed from the research are displayed by info-graphics below; please view the full report to view all the info-graphics & key findings: