About FOG

We are a UK registered charitable organisation established to organize, mobilize and advance the education & training of second generation Ghanaians living in Ghana and the Diaspora community.

Our organisational vision is to help realise a first world self-sustaining Ghana; where young people are placed at the centre of development.

Our organisational mission aims to mobilise young people to make informed choices about their futures, strengthening their communities locally and globally.

We focus on mobilising second generation Ghanaian diaspora to realise the organisational vision via our organisational mission. The target group are aged between 16-35 years and reside predominantly within densely populated geographical areas where the Ghanaian Diaspora reside, namely the UK, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands & US.

Headquartered in the UK; with representation and a skilled volunteer team based in Germany and Belgium. Our core organisational teams consist of 24 skilled volunteers, of which 13, 7, 4 are based in the UK, Germany & Belgium respectively. Each country organisation is independently registered inline with their country of residence NGO laws, but we operate and align to achieve a uniformed vision and mission. Each organisation has a trustee board and separate board of advisors that support the organisations function.