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The Future of Ghana is a nonprofit organisation connecting Young & Talented Young People at home & abroad to support development in Ghana and the communities we operate

Our supporters and funders

European Union Funding

EU Funding

Svani Group Limited

Svani Group Limited

National Lottery Awards for All

National Lottery Awards for All

International Catholic Migration Commission

International Catholic Migration Commission

Migration and Development Civil Society Network

Migration and Development Civil Society Network

Big Lottery – Community Fund

Big Lottery - Community Fund

Next Generation Leadership Programme

The Next Generation Leadership Programme reflects part of our charity’s vision; to place young people at the ‘centre of development’. The Next Generation Leadership Programme is a youth led programme designed to inspire, motivate and broaden the mindset of young people aged 12-18 years, exposing marginalised young people to potential pathways for their future careers, equipping young people with transferable skills to help them advance within society and their education.

The Next Generation Leadership Programme is a big lottery fully funded programme so is free for all registered young people. The pilot programme took place in Croydon during the October half term week, between Monday 21st October to Saturday 27th October 2019. A awards recognition forum event is scheduled to take place 30th January 2020 at the House of Commons. More details will follow shortly. But to see pictures from the programme please click here: http://futureofghana.com/gallery/nglp/

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The FOG team will be in Ghana this December and delivering a volunteer programme at two schools supporting educational development. We have linked up with FutureStars charity who are an education through sports charity who will also be delivering a sports related activity with the children on the day.

For more information please click on the following link:

FOG Volunteer Programme: Ghana School Drive Donation

Future of Ghana 2019 Top 30 U30


Ghana's Top 30 U30 for 2019

The Future of Ghana Publication is an annual publication dedicated to showcasing and nurturing Ghana’s leading talent from around the world. The publication features Ghana’s Top 30 Under 30 pioneering young talent impacting industries globally and forward thinking articles and features.

The publication transcends stereotypes, highlighting the unsung contributions future leaders and organisations are making to the Ghana’s and the world’s economic development.

For distribution enquires please contact: press@futureofghana.com

For Press and Media enquires, please contact Mr Anim-Antwi: bantwi@futureofghana.com

  • "To make a donation to support our work, simply text 'FOG' to 70085 to donate £5. This costs £5 plus a standard rate message. Alternatively, you can opt to give any whole amount up to £20. Thank you!."

    Future of Ghana Fundraising Team

This year’s Publication launched on March 6th 2018. In addition to showcasing Ghana’s Top 30 Under 30 pioneering youth from around the world, the Publication also features forward thinking articles, features and interviews highlighting key industries, innovators and organizations vision for Ghana and Africa.

The nomination process began in October 2017 and closed December 2017. The top 30 are independently selected by the 2018 Future of Ghana Judges. The selection was based on content provided by nominators and the guiding nomination criteria made public at the start of the campaign. The framework used to select the Top 30 U30 is guided by a constitution which can be read here:

The Publication is entering it’s forth year and is a benchmark that is helping to catalyse and encourage greater youth participation with the development of Ghana whilst acting as a visual source of inspiration for the emerging generation and a talent resource for investors and organizations.

2019 Top 30 U30 Judging Panel

Akosua Annobil


Mavis Osei

Essie Bartels

Derek Andrews Safo

FOG Executive Team

Arnold Sarfo-Kantanka

Chair & Co-Founder

Pearl Boateng

Head of Research

Irene Mensa-Bonsu

Volunteer Manager

Derrick Owusu Amoako

PR Manager

Samuel Mensah-Bonsu

Creative Director

Ben Anim-Antwi

Editor-in-Chief & Director of Communications

Nora Mistersky

Client Services Executive



Second-generation British-Ghanaians Research Report

The purpose of the research report is to provide insight to support diaspora organisations, international organisations, governments and related agencies in understanding the remittance practices of second-generation British-Ghanaians.

By gathering the practices, views and opinions of second-generation British-Ghanaians, this study aimed to uncover the what, how and why of second-generation British-Ghanaians’ interaction with Ghana and their present contributions (remittance, skills and time) to its development. The question framing the study was: to what extent do second-generation British-Ghanaians utilise various socio-economic channels to remit?


For more insight: www.futureofghana.com/fogreport

For press, media & distribution enquires please contact: press@futureofghana.com

For enquires regarding the research report, contact: pboateng@futureofghana.com



  • "So I think being Ghanaian is about traditions, customs and language - and language being the big factor. As much as I can say I feel Ghanaian in a sense, there still a resistance there…because I speak brofo Twi."

    Focus Group Participant - FOG Research Report 2018

  • "My mum never sat me down and said this is my culture. My dad never, you know…we basically heard all the negatives…That’s why now I really want to learn as much as I can so I can pass it on.”

    Focus Group Participant - FOG Research Report 2018

  • "If somebody has died yes, you can make a contribution and manage it. But otherwise, for me it’s an investment. It can be a £100 to £1 million. Like an investment, you must have a return.”

    Focus Group Participant - FOG Research Report 2018


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