Queenstar Amponsah

Queenstar Amponsah is an MBA student majoring in European and International Relations. She was raised in the Netherlands where she studied Economics and Maths in Dutch but later moved to Belgium where she completed another Bachelor in Business Administration.

As a member of the European Youth Parliament, Queenstar has been privileged to travel to many European countries where she participates in various sessions, summits, conferences, and interacts with ministers of states and presidents. Together with Innohub Ghana, she is working on the Diaspora Returnee Incubator Programme, a proposal that has been developed as a response to challenges faced by Ghanaians in the diaspora in their quest to set up or invest in ventures back home.

She is currently working with the Schwarzkopf Foundation as a Head Trainer for the Understanding Europe Project, where she trains individuals from all over Europe to become trainers, who will in turn give crash courses and workshops to final year high school students.

With the knowledge and skills gained from her experience and involvement in European politics, Queenstar is ready to be an advocate of change in the Ghanaian Diaspora community in Belgium, in order to further its development, influence, and capacity in Europe.