Papa Arkhurst

Papa Arkhurst

Papa Arkhurst is an e-government expert and an accomplished key communicator who has earned the highest coveted award of Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM – the first individual to have achieved this in Ghana) with the Toastmasters International Organization.

Papa has been instrumental in setting up 7 of the current 9-chartered clubs, a number of which are in corporate organizations. Through engagement on a weekly/bi-weekly basis, he gives talks and mentors a number of passionate individuals on various issues in an effort to help them improve on their communication and leadership skills, whilst exposing them to his varied network. He has a passion for citizen advocacy and business innovation for social good. He is also deeply passionate about using business, information, communication and technology as tools for implementing sustainable growth and development.

 As the founder of the G-wave movement, and the BWP-Series (a youth empowerment forum), and as a member of the Ghana Open Data Initiative, Papa is consistently finding innovative ways of promoting the beautiful culture of Ghana and her children.

He was the Chairman of the Koica Alumni group, an office which he used to strengthen relations with his South Korean contacts, promoting Ghanaian people and their products and sharing lessons he had picked up from his time in Korea. Papa has studied and worked in Africa, the Americas and Asia and has through it learnt to look at things from a global perspective, he is a keen innovator, and views life through a unique lens. He is a staunch advocate of the view that we are the solutions to our problems, and has started movements like ASEM, G-Wave, Double KALA, the functional citizen. After over a decade in the public service, Papa Arkhurst has setup a consultancy for helping institutions build capacity in the effective use of Information, communication and technology.

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