Noreen Dove

Noreen Dove is a marketing and communication specialist in the higher education sector. Previous experience includes working with high profile clients and brands such as Change4Life, Johnny Walker, BBC Digital UK, L’Oréal and HSBC.

After completing her MSc in Marketing at Brunel University, Noreen embarked on a career into research, working as a research assistant in the business department at Middlesex University. She had the opportunity to conduct further research into the impact of culture and luxury consumption in China, as well as getting involved in various exciting research projects such as corporate identity/branding, monarchy branding, retail marketing and international and comparative law. She also delivered seminars on service marketing and marketing principles to third year students.

After living in Ghana for 7 years, Noreen hopes to move back in the near future. Combining both her professional and academic experience, she hopes to work within the higher education sector lecturing, and playing an integral role in providing opportunities to empower young Ghanaians to develop themselves through education, skills and qualifications.