Dr Jermaine Bamfo

Dr Jermaine Bamfo is a qualified medical doctor and a proud alumnus of Imperial College London where he completed a graduate-entry degree in Medicine & Surgery in 2013. He holds a first class Anatomy & Human Biology BSc degree from the University of Liverpool and a postgraduate diploma in Psychiatry and Mental Health from Queen’s University Belfast. Dr Bamfo has completed two years of foundation medical training in Northern Ireland and two years practising medicine in West London and Kent prior to commencing specialist training in Psychiatry in 2017, and was a finalist for the ‘Rising Star’ award in the Zenith Global Healthcare Awards 2017.

A freelance writer, artist, designer and photographer born and bred in the East End of London, Dr Bamfo is also a fierce proponent for the forward progression of Ghana and the burgeoning responsibility for today’s Ghanaian youth both in Ghana and in the diaspora. He is extremely passionate about improving the quality of life in these communities, particularly in the realm of mental health. He is also passionate about placing a spotlight on influential young Ghanaians who are making an impact in society. He is a long-term contributor to the Me Firi Ghana blog and is also involved with the GUBA Awards team and a PR/Communications officer for the GUBA Foundation which is focused on helping to reduce infant mortality in Ghana and increasing autism awareness.