Celine Akosua Henry

Celine Akosua Henry is a final year History and Politics student at the University of Hull. Celine has a passion for research and world History, with specific enthusiasm for the decolonisation of African states. She hopes to explore this further in the field of academia in the future. Knowing only parts of the history of Ghana but much about the political climate from her parents constantly listening to Ghanaian radio Celine is hoping to merge all of this together for a better understanding of Ghana’s journey by joining the Future of Ghana team leading up to an amazing year.

Another passion for Celine is also raising awareness about societal issues for young people through research reports by creating a social action project called Mind Your Language. Growing up in a heavily populated Ghanaian community in inner-city London Celine aims to be part of the Second & Third generation diaspora in the UK who is able to make an impact with her accomplishments however big or small. She believes that the Future of Ghana initiative is a powerful idea, because not only does it empower young Ghanaian youths, it also allows the older generation to see and be proud of a growing resilient and eminent generation they have raised and being part of the team, especially before Ghana’s 60th year of independence is more than a privilege.